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Save the Children

Craxy Ninja and Save the Children collaborated on a digital campaign to raise brand awareness and generate positive conversations about Save the Children’s work in Pakistan.

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Save the Children is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of children, partnered with Craxy Ninja to carry out an impactful online brand awareness campaign. The campaign aimed to present the findings of Save the Children’s Brand List Study conducted in Pakistan, with Craxy Ninja hosting a survey on Facebook for 30 days. The collaboration yielded exceptional outcomes, highlighting the success of the campaign in raising brand awareness and conducting valuable research.

To kickstart the campaign, Craxy Ninja created visually appealing and informative content that highlighted the importance of the study and its implications for children’s well-being in Pakistan. The agency utilized engaging videos, compelling graphics, and concise textual information to capture the audience’s attention and communicate the key messages effectively.

Craxy Ninja’s social media team utilized Facebook as the primary platform to host the survey and engage with the target audience. We designed a user-friendly survey format that encouraged maximum participation and provided an opportunity for individuals to express their opinions and insights. The team actively promoted the survey through targeted advertising, and organic social media reach to maximize its visibility and participation rates.

Throughout the 30-day duration of the survey, Craxy Ninja closely monitored the campaign’s progress and collected valuable data from the respondents. The agency employed data analysis techniques to gain insights into brand perception, awareness levels, and public sentiment regarding Save the Children’s work and impact in Pakistan.

The findings of the Brand List Study provided valuable insights into brand perception, helping Save the Children understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in their outreach efforts. The campaign successfully raised brand awareness for Save the Children in Pakistan. The compelling content and strategic promotion reached a wide audience, generating positive conversations and increasing visibility for the organization’s work in improving the lives of children.

Craxy Ninja’s partnership with Save the Children exemplifies the agency’s dedication to conducting impactful online brand awareness campaigns and research initiatives. Through comprehensive strategy and effective use of digital platforms, Craxy Ninja successfully presented the findings of Save the Children’s Brand List Study. The campaign’s success highlighted the power of online engagement in driving meaningful conversations and supporting Save the Children’s mission to create a brighter future for children in Pakistan.

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