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Craxy Ninja leveraged Shahid Afridi’s popularity to create a strong brand identity for HNO, resulting in exceptional success in the e-commerce space.

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Craxy Ninja was entrusted with the responsibility of managing the e-commerce store, providing SEO services, and maintaining a cohesive brand presence across all social media platforms for HNO., the apparel brand of legendary cricketer Shahid Afridi. Craxy Ninja implemented a strategic approach to increase engagement rates and drive conversions, resulting in exceptional success for HNO in the e-commerce space.

Craxy Ninja recognized the immense potential of leveraging Shahid Afridi’s popularity and iconic status to create a strong brand identity for HNO. The agency strategically integrated Shahid Afridi’s persona into HNO’s branding, ensuring a consistent look and feel across the e-commerce store and social media platforms.

To boost engagement and conversions, Craxy Ninja implemented a content production strategy that focused on capturing the essence of Shahid Afridi’s brand and appealing to the target audience. The agency created captivating visual content, such as lifestyle imagery, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and stories that showcased the spirit and values associated with Shahid Afridi and HNO.

Furthermore, Craxy Ninja organized seasonal giveaways, aligning with significant events and milestones in Shahid Afridi’s career. These giveaways generated significant buzz and engagement among fans and followers, amplifying brand visibility and attracting new customers. Additionally, the agency devised unbeatable promotions and deals, offering attractive discounts and incentives to encourage conversions and repeat purchases.

Within a span of six months, HNO achieved over PKR 30 Million in customer transactions. The strategic approach implemented by Craxy Ninja led to a substantial increase in engagement rates across social media platforms, including likes, comments, and shares. The e-commerce store witnessed a surge in website traffic, conversions, and customer loyalty, solidifying HNO’s position as a leading apparel brand in the market.

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