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Playback Records

Playback Records, a UAE-based record label, partnered with Craxy Ninja to promote diversity and inclusivity in music. The campaign’s focus on Sufi vibes resonated with the audience, fostering a community of music lovers.

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Playback Records, a recently established record label based in the UAE, approached Craxy Ninja, a leading digital marketing agency in Islamabad, to develop the brand from scratch, enhance its visibility and promote its mission of fostering diversity and inclusivity in the music industry. With a strong focus on supporting artists from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, Playback Records aimed to bring the captivating essence of diverse music genres to the forefront. Through a strategic digital marketing approach, Craxy Ninja successfully boosted the record label’s visibility on various digital platforms, amplifying its message and attracting a wider audience.

Recognizing the power of digital platforms in reaching music enthusiasts worldwide, Craxy Ninja developed a comprehensive strategy to elevate Playback Records’ presence in the online space. The agency’s digital marketing team carefully analyzed the target audience, considering their preferences for diverse music genres and growing interests. This understanding formed the foundation for a highly targeted and engaging campaign.

The agency developed a robust social media strategy, utilizing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube to share captivating music videos, behind-the-scenes, pre-hype content. Launched with a captivating Hamd by Mustafa Zahid on the first day of Ramadan, Playback Records immediately seized the attention of music enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. The soul-stirring rendition touched hearts, setting the tone for a spiritually uplifting journey throughout the holy month and beyond.

With one mesmerizing release after another, Playback Records introduced the enchanting series, ‘Sufi Vibes’, an extraordinary show presented by AAA Reels Production and Playback Creatives, epitomizes Playback Records’ dedication to celebrating the rich cultural heritage and spiritual essence of Sufism. With a lineup of soul-stirring songs & artists from diverse backgrounds such as Mehran Shah, Maria Raza, Atif Ali, Asees Arshad, and more. Each performance becomes a captivating journey that transports the audience to a world of divine love and mystical bliss.

The results of Craxy Ninja’s digital boost for Playback Records were remarkable. The record label witnessed a significant increase in its online presence, with a growing number of followers and engagement across digital platforms. The campaign successfully attracted music enthusiasts who resonated with the label’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity. Playback Records became a recognized name in the music industry, representing the captivating world of Sufi vibes and serving as a platform for talented artists from diverse backgrounds.

Craxy Ninja’s partnership with Playback Records exemplifies the agency’s expertise in leveraging digital platforms to enhance visibility and promote meaningful messages. The campaign’s focus on Sufi vibes resonated with the audience, fostering a community of music lovers passionate about cultural richness and artistic expression. The partnership between Craxy Ninja and Playback Records paved the way for a vibrant and inclusive music landscape, celebrating the magic of Sufi and otherwise.

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